Will Ripple XRP Finally See $1.00 This Weekend?


The Ripple XRP $1.00 threshold has provided XRP with some trouble over the past few weeks. Each time XRP gets closer, another market reaction seems to take over which in turn pushes the value of Ripple back down, teetering between $0.80 and $0.90.

At the moment, we are seeing some very healthy trends at the top of the markets that look to be leading altcoins into a market surge. Whilst we obviously can’t predict if this will happen over the weekend, as it stands, things are starting to look quite healthy indeed. If a bull run takes over, considering how close Ripple is, we should expect to see XRP finally beat the $1.00 threshold.

As it stands, at the time of writing, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.913 and is up 7.07%. Of course, we have seen XRP tip $0.90 many times over the past few weeks, each time we have hoped to see it move closer and closer to $1.00. Thus far, the closest we have got seems to be around $0.95 as recorded on Tuesday the 24th of April.

Our optimism of course stems from the cracking performance we are seeing from Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment, with both coins on the brink of reaching very important targets of $10,000.00 and £800.00 respectively. As these targets approach and as the majority of major currencies are starting to catch on to this climb, we truly do believe that this could be the start of a bigger market surge, a surge that may indeed see Ripple XRP hit $1.00.

Of Realistically though, if our optimism has got the better of us then we may not see any such market surge, if this is the case, perhaps Ripples current good form is enough to drag XRP up to $1.00 anyway?

What Ripple needs right now is another stretch of good news, riddled with partnership announcements. Last month, it didn’t seem to end, so far over the past week or so however, the Ripple camp has been very quiet.

What might this silence suggest?

That, we can’t be sure of. We can however be sure that this silence doesn’t suggest a reduction in Ripples operations. They are sure to still be working round the clock, I just guess that at the moment, Ripple have some bigger things to concentrate on. Recent appearances at the Houses of Parliament are of course indications that there is a huge adoption project in the works, if that is the case, at least we can be sure that Ripple will breach $1.00 eventually, even if it means us waiting for Ripple to start ‘talking’ again.

What next?

Well for now we just need to see how the markets are going to enter the weekend. The good run at the moment may burn out, if not though, Ripple will move ever closer to $1.00. Should the climate be right, we could see that pretty soon. Whether or not XRP can maintain above that figure though we can’t be too sure. Overall, we will have to wait and see.

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