Wanchain’s Token “Wancoin” Is Now Live on Binance


The popular Wanchain ICO has been now listed on the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. A smart contract featured blockchain platform, it provides a decentralized financial market for which, its token Wancoin serves as an intermediary currency.

The decentralized version of traditional banks gets listed on Binance

One of the most hyped and popular ICO, Wanchain has been launched on one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Deposits and Trading of Wancoin are now live on Binance. You can trade for its token Wancoin against BNB, BTC, and ETH. Binance has also notified that it will not support the ERC20 but only the native Wanchain token. Earlier in January, Wanchain announced that it will swap the ERC20 token into the Wanchain token.

Wanchain is an innovative, smart contract based blockchain platform that is created by Wanglu Tech, a Chinese firm. Based on the framework of developing a decentralized financial market, this platform is featured with cross-chain and privacy protection capabilities.

The distributed financial infrastructure of this model enables the exchange of assets across various blockchain networks. Wancoin, the native currency of Wanchain will work as the intermediate currency between the networks for exchanges.

Privacy and cross-chain transaction featured project

Based on Ethereum’s code, Wanchain went live on the Mainnet on January 18, 2018. This platform is endured with smart contracts, stamp system privacy and One-Time-Addresses, that adds to the quality of this project.

The next version of Wanchain that is 2.0 is scheduled for 2018’s Q3 release that will execute the cross-chain capabilities which will be followed by its 3.0 version that will implement this capability with bitcoin blockchain. Subsequently, the 4.0 version that is scheduled for mid-2019 will deliver a generic framework to implement this capability with any blockchain.

The token sale of Wanchian went live on October 4, 2017. Having the hard cap of $35,990,000 out of its total $36,000,000, the price of ICO was 1 WAN = 0.34 USD. 210,000,000 was the total token supply of Wanchain that was restricted to the China, USA and Singapore regions.

Wanchain’s process resembles the smart contracts of  Ethereum that showcases a brilliant combination of different blockchains. While offering Monero-like privacy, this ICO is Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) implemented.

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