Verge Continues To Surpass Expectations


With little over 12 days to go before the expected big announcement from Verge, the currency is still out-performing it’s rivals and shining within the markets.

Yesterday saw the value and market cap of Verge spike throughout the afternoon and despite a minor blip, it has continued to do so this morning, up around 11%.

Once again, despite a promising outlook yesterday the general consensus of the market at the moment is red, the big coins are down, and the smaller tokens are treading water, yet Verge just doesn’t seem to be affected by the weather, so to speak.

It’s really easy to put this down to the impending announcement from Verge, and indeed, it does go to show what sort of power social media possesses when it comes to marketing but I do believe that if this positive trend for Verge was down to simply just anticipation, the positive outlook would have tailed off by now, instead of the regular spikes we are seeing from the currency this week, and for the majority of last week.

Again, in comparison to the rest of the market, this is quite astounding.

After an extended silence from Verge in the midst of their crowdfunding success (I can only assume the spent the weekend celebrating), the Verge Twitter page did upload an image yesterday which once again teases fans into their announcement fantasy.

The tweet directs people to a form in which those who donated to Verge’s campaign can claim their rewards. The incentives varied depending on the value of donation.

Frustratingly though, the post holds no more clues as to who is behind the huge partnership that the crowdfunding campaign has helped to establish.

Moreover, Justin Vendetta, known as Verge Dev has also remained very quiet on his personal Twitter account, I can only assume he is avoiding any engagement online in order to reduce the risk of speculation with regards to their big announcement.

Or, perhaps there is no announcement and he’s busy panicking about what to say next (I’m just playing devils advocate, I’m certain this isn’t the case!)

Whatever is going on at Verge camp, it seems to have had a snowball affect on the path of the currency, if it continues to perform this way for the rest of the week, then the future of Verge is an exciting prospect to behold.

We are going to be keeping an eye on Verge throughout the month, leading up to the announcement, so if you want to keep yourself in the loop, you know where to find us.

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