Three Partnerships That Are Giving VeChain (VEN) Edge Over Others


vechain (ven), blockchain-based supply chain platform, is gaining ground gradually in almost every path it trudges. Despite the fact that it has changed its name to VeChain Thor, the blockchain platform is doing everything to be to be the best, especially as an irresistible tool in the automobile industry. It is doing fantastic in this area, and beyond, owing to some partnership it went into.

Below are three partnership that is making VeChain win accolades:

eGrid Partnership Is A Win-win Victory

This week, VeChain announced it agreed a longtime partnership with Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co., LTD to deploy VeChain’s outstanding automobile solution into its current automobile ERP, SCM, and CRM solutions. According to Vechain team, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will make eGrid to use VeChainThor in its business.

According to the team behind VeChain, in this partnership, “eGrid will leverage the nature of immutable, secured data storage and distribution of blockchain technology, and integrate VeChain’s existing automobile solution into their current ERP, SCM, and CRM solution for existing and future clients.”

“This will enable eGrid to empower their proprietary solutions with VeChainThor to provide optimized results and data services for their clients. The use of the car maintenance, green driving, and carbon bank projects will be one of the leading applications for blockchain adoption seen by the public. VeChain’s work within the industry is growing deeper with increased talks with the world’s most known companies and part providers.”

Talking about the outstanding performance of Vechain, the team says the “power of VeChainThor continues to grow by drastic measures and has solidified itself as the leading global enterprise public blockchain platform.”

Vechain is attempting and doing everything to enter completely into the automobile market by providing solutions to complex problems within the industry. This is one of the reason it is partnering with eGrid.

Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co., Ltd is an internationally recognized firm that deals with the provision of data services to companies all over the world. It is a known figure among high-tech, automobile, automotive components, motorcycle, retail, financial, machinery and manufacturing industries.

The automobile data service provider has partnership with big firms like SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., BYD Auto Co., Ltd., SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited, Chang’an Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd., Changan PSA Automobiles Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Tsingshan Holding Group, Chongqing Jianshe Vehicle System Co., Ltd., Isuzu Motors Ltd., Jiangling Motor Holding (Landwind), and some other companies.

The company was launched into automobile industry in 2006, and was listed in 2015. The company focuses on automobile companies and manufacturing industries. It generates customers ERP, SCM, and CRM, and engages in general consulting services in the automobile space.

Beyond eGrid, BMW Partnership Is A Big Deal.

There were speculations that VeChain is entering into partnership with BMW. The information went viral without any official statement to back it up. However, on February 26, VeChain CEO Sunny Lu officially confirmed that the Chinese based blockchain company entered into a partnership with automobile manufacturer. The information was revealed at an event. Analysts are of the opinion that the need to fully deploy Internet of Things/Internet of Everything is pushing big companies to employ blockchain firms in standardizing their tools.

VeChain and Oxford University Partnership Is The Beginning Of Development

Blockchain industry do not always see something awesome in partnering with universities to better enhance their technological tool. This is not so for VeChain, the blockchain firm sees hope in in research, and hence, partners with Oxford University to help in what VeChain brands VeResearch.

The partnership, involves the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University. It will help in contributing to VeChain’s mathematical proofs and mathematical models. This announcement surfaced in during an aired event.

VeChain’s Chief Scientist, Peter Zhou, revealed: “VeChain always seeks top academic partners. Oxford is no doubt the top of the top. My personal take is blockchain technology had been developed over the years among more and more computer genius and professionals, however, we see very few people from academies emerge into this space over the past few years.”

“We believe the innovation of the blockchain can see huge improvements with involvement from research from the top academies, such as Oxford, Cambridge, U.C. Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, etc. This is one of the directions VeChain is trying to push forward, while VeChain is happy to demonstrate our commercial landing ability to these top academies we are also attracting them to be devoted human capital, time and other resources into this technology.”

A New Partnership Announced Today.

Today, VeChain introduced Assetlink, a Joint Supply Chain Management Application of Xiamen Innov, Corelink, and VeChain. Last year, VeChain and Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co. LTD (Innov) in seperete announcement made known that they have combined efforts to integrate VeChainThor technology in a broad range of solutions.

Conclusion: There is high tendency VeChain grows beyond expectation considering the platform’s recent collaborations with big firms. Only time will tell!

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