Stellar Lumens [XLM] now has a universal marketplace called StellarX


StellarX, is a shared universal marketplace based on Stellar. StellarX is free, quick and it rundowns each feature of seamless exchanges be it crypto, fiat, bonds or commodities.

StellarX allows its users to live the inter-chain dream of swapping municipal bonds for XLM while the transactions are settled in seconds. The platform permits its users to trade directly from their own wallet, and one can deposit or redeem off-chain assets.

StellarX is built on the open Stellar order book, which indicates that exchanges, miners or any individual cannot take a share from the transactions held. StellarX is a fully peer-to-peer and trader-to-trader based platform.

Since Stellar network fees are low, it is completely free to trade on StellarX considering the minimal transactional fee is refunded by the team of StellarX to its traders. Stellar’s automatic 1% APR inflation is also offered to the users by StellarX. Which results in no weekly airdrops being signed to them; rather the users who sign up on StellarX get a pro-rata XLM on every Tuesday.

StellarX on their official Medium announcement have said:

“Since StellarX is the first complete client for Stellar, we support every last token issued to the network, all 2500+ of them, including dankness like eQuid (GBP tether or digital cephalopod, who can say?) and something calling itself “charna token”.”

Recently, the blockchain based phone network, YOVO which is completely built on the Stellar network announced to be relocated to Malta, where they plan to take their project ahead, making the usage of  XLM’s network broader.

Stellar lumens has been and still is a part of some major, revolutionary projects. One such project is its collaboration with IBM.

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