What Secret 17th April Holds For Verge? Will It pump Verge (XVG) Price?


The ongoing speculation surrounding the mysterious partner of Verge (XVG) is at its peak which has triggered a surge in XVG price. Being so close to 17 April, Verge community is on the edge of their seats for what is to be the biggest partnership in the crypto industry ever.

Speculation mounts over: Who is the mysterious partner of verge (XVG)?

Verge has been everywhere in the news. Currently, it is riding at $0.097263 with a 12.32 percent increase in its prices. It all started when privacy coin first came into the news for crowdfunding through their VergeFam.

On March 22, the development team asked its users on Twitter to donate about 75,000,000 XVG in order to close the partnership deal. Verge claims it to be the biggest partnership in the crypto industry till now.

The lead developer of the coin, Justin Vendetta, also known as Sunerok announced about a major upcoming partnership that will be good for the Verge community. He stated:

“Everybody that’s been in Verge waiting for this is going to be really happy. There’s no way to be unhappy about the coin that you love entering a gigantic market exclusive adoption…I know it’s going to be exclusive for a long time.”

The announcement led to a rapid increase in the prices of Verge (XVG) and is continuing to do so. Apparently, the partnership has already been secured, it’s just a non-disclosure agreement that is coming in the way of making it public.

However, it didn’t keep the Verge community from making the guesses about this mysterious partner. The community is continuously speculating and coming up with names from Amazon, PayPal to Wikipedia, Facebook and the list goes on.

Could it be Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart?

One of the latest addition to this list is the Indian E-commerce giant, Flipkart. A few hours back, Flipkart shared a post on its Twitter account that says “A partnership so BIG in value, Bitcoin feels insecure! Watch out for the BIG reveal on 17th April.”

With Verge (XVG) announcing its mysterious partner on April 17 as well, it doesn’t look like a coincidence, and Flipkart might just be that partner after all.



A huge possibility: XVG prices to fly high

Since the speculations have started, Verge (XVG) has been enjoying it tremendously as evident from the rapid increase in its prices. Verge is certainly banking on it as an Instagram post from Verge says, “Who will be the partner of Verge and change the Crypto world as we know it?”

Just the speculation has brought such a boost in XVG price, the announcement of the mysterious partner will definitely result in a much bigger hike, making the date, April 17th extremely important for the XVG price and Verge Community.

Who do you think is the mysterious partner? Do you think April 17 will take XVG prices to a new height? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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