A quick recap of the recent Cardano [ADA] updates – Testnet to be released soon


Cardano [ADA] team has been busy with a lot of happenings recently and is doing pretty well in terms of market price as well. ADA is the world’s 6th largest coin in terms of the market cap which is worth $9.51 billion. The prices have been increasing since a week by almost 25.5% which is currently trading at $0.366.

The team has come up with a few updates in their roadmap with a vision of creating a third-generation cryptocurrency. They have made progress in a lot of areas and specifically, as the CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson had earlier mentioned about the new paper wallet release. According to the update release from the team, paper wallets will see a first version release very soon. Their Daedalus wallet accounts and multi-currency ledger are the two new roadmap items that we will be looked forward to.

Stakepool Testnet registration has been extended until the end of May to give more opportunity for interested parties to register their interest.

Cardano Foundation staff stated that:

“IOHK has received over 1500 applications and has been pleasantly overwhelmed by the great level of interest.”

According to previous mentions about two Testnet releases by Cardano, they have come up with the dates for the same as they had promised. “Smart Contracts test nets will start 28th May – with KEVM first, followed by IELE VM around July.” They have been up to date about their releases and research as Charles always mentions. Cardano is working towards bringing new changes and reach the third-generation coin by taking over the three dimensions, scalability, sustainability, and interoperability.

Seb, a Twitterati says:

“It would be good if we could better see what changes are there. Is there a way to access the previous version of the roadmap? We can see what topics have been updated but I don’t know what was updated on the topic.”

Kevin Cerroni, a Cardano enthusiast says:

“Excited about Paper Wallets! Keep up the hard work team.”

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