Ontology [ONT] released its desktop wallet, OWallet v0.8.1; supports Windows and Mac


On 8th August, Ontology, on their official Twitter handle announced the release of their official desktop wallet, OWallet v0.8.1. They also mentioned that the wallet supports both Windows and Mac operating systems as well.

Ontology[ONT] released OWallet v0.8.1: Support for Windows and macOS

Ontology’s tweet | Source: Twitter

According to Ontology’s document, the OWallet v0.8.1 is composed of three separate wallets, each performing a particular function. They are:

  • Individual Wallet
  • Shared Wallet
  • Ledger Wallet

Firstly, the Individual wallet in the OWallet application is an essential wallet that users can access which only requires a signature to verify or validate a transaction. This wallet’s user interface composes of all the necessary information regarding the transactions on the Ontology Mainnet.

The Individual wallet also performs other functions like designing a new wallet, importing and exporting the wallet, claiming ONG, and, sending and receiving assets.

The second type of wallet being the Shared wallet, enables more than one client or user to access the funds but it requires multiple signatures in order to verify the transaction. In this case, when the wallet is designed, a set of ‘copayers’ are provided with similar keys to access the shared wallet. These users are at complete liberty to set the rules for their transaction using the wallet.

Additionally, the user interface of this wallet will include ONG and ONT balances and its prices in USD, the name of all the participant, their wallet addresses, a complete set of transaction information as well as send and receive operations.

Finally, the Ledger wallet provides an option that enables a user to switch between the MainNet and TestNet, choose a language, Chinese or English and also to select a location upon which, they can save the keystore. But, this is only possible if the users first import Ledger onto their OWallet.

A Twitterati named Asif replied to this announcement saying:

“Man you guys r seriously building a solid foundation. Where did this experience come from? Mainland Chinese government? Mmmm”

Another Twitterati had another view regarding this news:

“It’s awful. Still have to download a desktop program when using ledger. Windows 10 thinks it’s a virus!!”

However, the OWallet v0.8.1 does not support NEP-5 ONT token swap.

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