Ontology [ONT] adds another brick to its Co-Builder Plan


Ontology, a high-performing blockchain project and distributed trust collaboration platform, on July 12th announced its newest official member of its ‘Co-Builder Plan’, LianAn Technology. The two parties will be in technical cooperation, wherein LianAn will act as a security specialist.

Ontology's tweet | Source: Twitter

Ontology’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Ontology’s Co-Builder Plan was developed earlier this year. Around April, Ontology began to partner with global firms to co-build its ecosystem. Some of the listed partners were Accomplished, Onchain, Hashed, and Tembusu Partners.

The main focus of the partnership will fall on few factors, such as:

  • Ontology blockchain’s smart contracts
  • Formal verification
  • Safety and security audit
  • Other factors required to optimize a safe and secure blockchain infrastructure

LianAn Technology is a security firm that focuses on the blockchain industry. It is world’s first platform to provide automatic verification to the EOS [EOS] and Ethereum [ETH] blockchains’ smart contracts. LianAn makes this possible via Verification as a Service [VaaS], which is a one-click verification platform.

The cooperation between the parties will ensure high verification performance from VaaS. VaaS is highly automatic and can provide a multilingual support in terms of contract development. It secures the system by keeping a check on ‘risky code’ and finding solutions to it. Ontology’s official Medium blog explained:

“Its one-click formal verification tool can pinpoint risky code and find the reasons quickly to effectively verify common smart contract or blockchain application security holes, security properties, and function correctness, which as a result will improve security levels significantly.”

It further said that VaaS will integrate customized development with smart contracts, as per the requirements of Ontology’s user-base.

Important applications of LianAn Technology’s formal verification service are military and civil aviation. Its headquarter is based out of Chengdu, China. LianAn Technology is the only firm to possess technological advancements that were listed in a paper released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology called China Blockchain Industry Whitepaper.

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