NEO Could Hit $100 This Weekend


Following the trend of its neighbours, NEO is also relishing in the glory of what now seems to be an extended surge of market prices.

Yesterday, we saw a huge jump across the board in what looked like it was going to be but a short-lived blip. Through last night and into today however, we have seen the trend continue with the big coins surpassing expectations, leaving a fine path for the alt-coins to follow on with.

At the start of this week, NEO looked to be making consistent gains, moving from the low $50s into low $60s and seemingly beyond, off the back of the price wave. During the cryptocurrency boom, NEO hit a height of $187.00, so we have a way to go yet before NEO redeems its place on the top, but with current standings and current statistics in mind, we could say that the $100.00 threshold is now really quite obtainable.

At the time of writing, NEO sits at $67.78, moving upwards at 10.34%, with a market cap of $4,405,583,000.

The surge, whilst it is expected to tail off with some correction taking place (possibly shaving NEO back down to $60.00 temporarily) does seem to be part of a much bigger picture, a picture that is suggesting that we have more of this to come over the next few days. Should this be the case, even slight price increases over a 48-hour period should be enough to see NEO past the $100.00 mark, something which should be getting investors very excited.

If the trend does simmer down then perhaps NEO will be able to regulate itself around the $60.00 mark, if indeed it does do that then we can assume that finally NEO has recovered from the lows of $44.00 that we saw at the start of the month.

Either way, this is an exciting time to watch NEO, w investment may not be wise whilst the markets are so exposed of course, so do your research first. $100.00 is an important point for NEO and the team behind the currency, if its not met this weekend, perhaps next week is a more realistic target. Even so, if this trend continues, we might see NEO squeeze past $100.00 and head to it’s old heights of $150.00 and beyond.

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