NEM – Trezor library to allow users to implement Trezor in any NEM solution


A Computer Scientist from Barcelona by the name Sergi Canal has developed a library, whose aim is to help any developer interact easily with Trezor devices. This library also intends to allow Trezor accounts to be used as seamlessly as possible with NEM library.

 Trezor is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet and was launched in August 2014. It was the first Bitcoin hardware wallet that offered secure cold storage, plus the ability to spend with the convenience of a hot wallet. The Trezor One costs $103, and the Trezor Model T costs around $173 per device.

He explains the problem he encountered on his Medium account and elaborates on how he solved the issue. He purchased a Trezor hardware wallet and moved all his cryptocurrencies onto this device.

However, he reveals being disappointed when he realized that voting was disabled in Nano Wallet when logged in with a Trezor account. The only way to vote was by manually sending a 0xem transaction to the option address. This would not do, and he spent a month building a library to work around this issue.

He developed a fix, and uploaded the library source code and the library npm [a package manager for the JavaScript programming language] and posted the link on his Medium page.

The instructions for installation state that the user will need a Trezor device connected to the system, and Trezor-bridge should be running [or the chrome extension].

It also dives in depth about the working by stating:

“The module exports a class TrezorAccount, that is made to be as similar to the Account class in nem-library as possible. It allows to use trezor accounts to sign transactions. Unencrypting messages is not possible right now but may be in the future. Also the way that encrypted messages are sent is different from the way it is done in nem-library, since trezor encrypts messages at the same time that it signs and serializes the transaction.”

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