Looking For A New Place To Invest Your Ripple XRP? Try The Property Ladder


Ripple want to be the adopted cryptocurrency, this is a movement spearheaded by XRP. Therefore, it is pretty easy for Ripple to hit the headlines with new partnership announcements, new listings and of course, new avenues for XRP investment. As a part of this, Ripple and the Ripple community believe there will be a cross over between traditional investments and of course Ripple investments.

Correct me if I am wrong, but one big and quite popular investment avenue is of course investing in property. Now, of course, it is rare that property investment can bring big, instant returns, it’s more of a long-term thing but even so, it now seems that finally, there’s a path that is leading to the meeting of two key investment proposals, XRP and property.

A recent tweet from Ripple, at least confirms some of this.

The tweet leads us to Propy, a US based property investment website that is powered by the blockchain. As a part of this, people can buy and sell their properties with cryptocurrency. This is a cool idea given that someone who purchased 50BTC, at a price of around $100.00 per Bitcoin in 2013, could have purchased a $1,000,000.00 back in December with these Bitcoins. Given that the initial investment in this would have been $5,000.00, that’s quite a substantial return, right?

According to Propy, a $16,000,000.00 plot of land in Los Gatos is now available for purchase in XRP, see the full listing for yourself, here- https://propy.com/property/5aea694419b0090ec40518cc/featured

The listing, which includes 27-acres of prime land, within the silicone valley is calling out for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple investors. Granted, this is the sort of investment you would find at the top end of the property ladder, even so though, it opens up a whole new way for people to spend and/or invest their XRP.

Imagine if a bunch of XRP holders got together to invest in this, then in turn made even greater returns on the fact they own a chunk of land in the silicone valley. Bear in mind, this is one of the few, unoccupied open spaces in the area, you can guess that the investment potential here is huge (this is probably why Ripple tweeted about it in the first place).

Overall, this just acts as another example and another use case for Ripple and XRP. Hopefully, more and more people will see this as a viable plan for Ripple and thus we may start to see XRP enter the property ladder. Either way though, if you are an XRP holder, this could be an excellent opportunity for you*.

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