A Litecoin Litepay Like System Could Finally Happen


Within any price surge, Bitcoin naturally makes the headlines and a lot of other cryptocurrency activities are left to be forgotten.

The past few days have been very exciting in terms of the state of the markets, price predictions have been all over the place but what we mustn’t forget is that out of shot, many cryptocurrency companies are still working hard to bolster their coins future.

So, let’s talk about Litecoin.

Litecoin is by no means out of the limelight in terms of the market surge, at the time of writing the currency is valued at $130.17, up 13.62% and has a market cap of $7,297,227,721. It’s doing well, very well in fact.

According to BradsCrypto, Litecoin has suffered from a slow decline over the past few months, with few signs of recovery in the process. In terms of recovery signs, BradsCrypto suggests that the $125.00 mark would show signs of healthy progression that could hint a recovery is in process. Well today, we seem to have breached that mark, with no sign of letting up, positive news indeed.

You can see the video for yourself, here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th2GOWySvkU

There has been some big news from the Litecoin team, Litecoin has been added to the TenX Wallet app, suggesting that there could be a surge of Litecoin investment on the horizon. This is a stark contrast on the recent Litepay conundrum, in that Litepay promised the introduction of a Litecoin debit card, since Litepay really didn’t work out (to say the least), rumours are now surfacing that the TenX wallet will now support Litecoin payments, through a debit card.

Importantly, TenX already provides a physical card service for cryptocurrency payments, so this is something that is very achievable, very quickly.

TenX is based around a mobile application and currently supports Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin is the applications latest integration. The app is paired up with a physical debit card, so it only seems logical that Litecoin be integrated into this section of their system too.

What will this mean for Litecoin?

Adoption. That’s the important thing here. By making it easier to use and more like a traditional payment system, more people will use it and thus it’s popularity will rise. This, coupled with the markets bull run and further predicted bullruns’ means that Litecoin really could sky rocket over the next few weeks. With, or without Bitcoin it seems.

In January we saw Litecoin breach the $300 mark, once the app is fully integrated and a debit card is complete, the $300 mark will certainly be in Litecoin’s crosshairs.

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