Lisk releases Lisk Hub 0.10.0, enables users to follow accounts


Lisk, in its Twitter post on 4th July, has announced the release of Lisk Hub 0.10.0, which appears to have exciting updates. Lisk Hub is a platform that takes care of all Lisk’s components in one place, such as Lisk IDs, LSK tokens and vote for delegates.

Lisk's recent tweet | Source: Twitter

Lisk’s recent tweet | Source: Twitter

The changes introduced in the updated Lisk Hub are:

  • Removal of their Explorer that directed users to a Lisk ID search online
  • A search bar to guide searches by names
  • ‘follow accounts’ feature

Currently, Lisk Hub 0.10.0 can only enable the following of certain accounts and therefore the team is planning a ‘major revamp’ to advance the related features.

Moreover, this functionality has been brought into the equation to assist users in tracking new transactions without having to enter the passphrase repeatedly. This is a feature not known to many in the world of banking applications. However, it is not uncommon in blockchain-backed transactions as the data is displayed publicly.

According to their blog, Lisk has told that its upcoming updates will be related with ‘saved accounts’ and a logout feature. While Lisk wants to remove ‘saved accounts’, it believes that a logout button will be of great help to its users.

As of the past developments within the company, Lisk recently launched its Testnet, which carried updates on bug fixes, and other issues.

Furthermore, Lisk moved ahead with partnerships. In June, the team partnered with London Blockchain Labs, which is a collective of entrepreneurs, developers and students passionate about blockchain.

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