Lisk [LSK]’s development report and updates for June


Lisk recently posted a blog on Twitter outlining all the updates that took place in the month of June 2018. The post covered development updates, company updates, and much more.

Lisk believes that June was a month that encountered a lot of productivity, both, for front and backstage of Lisk’s activities. The community members participated in a lot of significant events and conferences, like Tech Open Air 2018, JSConfEU 2018, Distribute 2018, and Blockchain Expo. On these venues, Lisk members used the opportunity to spread the idea and network in real time.

Last week, Lisk Core 1.0.0 Testnet was released, which has led the community into a lot of excitement for the MainNet.

Company Update 

Lightcurve, which is a blockchain consultancy and a collaboration with Lisk, was mentioned in the post stating the establishment of their new office to accommodate more people for ‘rapid growth’.

The Trezor One firmware version 1.6.2 was launched on June 25th. This is in regards with Trezor supporting Lisk’s token, LSK. At the beginning of June, LSK also gathered support from OKEx, which falls under one of the world’s biggest exchanges.

The Lisk Academy also partnered with London Blockchain Labs. It is one of UK’s largest blockchain student ecosystem and is located at UCL, LSE and Imperial College London.

Lisk Foundation has also promised to keep the updates coming on the launch of Core 1.0.0 to Mainnet, as it considers the event as a major Milestone in Lisk’s development.

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