Lisk (LSK): Undervalued Below $10?


In 2018, platforms are still gaining attention. In the case of Lisk (LSK), the price tag below $10 may look like an opportunity to join a growing platform. LSK has slid by 12% this week in the latest round of sell-offs, down to $8.73. At peak, prices above $20 triggered speculations that the asset would line up with the likes of NEO and reach triple-digit prices soon. But it turned out the rally was temporary, and the support at peak prices was slim.

LSK One Month Chart: Embed

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Lisk is also one of the projects with an active main net, but this also fails to impress now. LSK is one of the less actively traded assets on Binance, and its exchange presence is spread around other Asian exchanges, as well as Bittrex.

So far, the Lisk project has been busy with its operations, and runs a regular team in physical-space offices in Berlin. The organization is also careful about distributing and spending its stash of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and is transparent about its operations.

The team is busy with tweaks and additions to the ecosystem:

However, the recent rebranding failed to deliver outlandish results, as it turned out the additions were about image, branding and community outreach. At this point, Lisk has a wide European community, but remains relatively unknown compared to older platforms with presence on the Asian markets.

For longer-term investors, Lisk is one of the crypto startups that most resembles the older iteration of tech businesses. Max Kordek remains one of the leadership figures in the project, and is prominent on social media. Lisk continues to popularize itself through local and international events.

However, the platform still needs to see the promised JavaScript developers build apps in earnest. So far, not even the older, better-understood Ethereum platform is seeing active development, beyond smart contracts and some collectible games.

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