Lisk (LSK) Poised To Reach As High As $1,000 By April 2019


Lisk (LSK) is an emerging smart contracts platform with a market cap of $689 million, currently ranking as the 25thlargest coin. Lisk (LSK) went through a brutal correction pushing it back into a million dollars valuation as well as knocking it out of the top 20 list. Lisk (LSK) is currently down 82% from its all time high of $34.92, but it is still up 95% for the last 12 months. This means that once the correction is over, which seems like it is, the price should be able to continue trading towards new highs.

Previously, Lisk (LSK) completed a rally in 308 days after which the price formed a double bottom. If the same scenario were to unfold again, Lisk (LSK) will be able to go as high as $1,000 by April 2019. This is by no means an overly optimistic view as it does not take into account the possibility of Lisk (LSK) breaking out of this channel to trade even higher that is if it follows the footsteps of Bitcoin (BTC). However, for the patient few, Lisk (LSK) is a rip off at the current price of $6.41. An investor willing to put $1,000 in Lisk (LSK) today can get a whopping $156,000 return by April 2019! Worst case scenario, you might have to leave your $1,000 investment for a little longer to realize those gains.

Lisk (LSK) is currently trading at the absolute bottom of the channel. A price of $6.41 and a valuation of below $1 billion for a project like Lisk (LSK) make absolutely no sense.  Coin Gecko, a popular service for crypto development and performance tracking, ranks Lisk (LSK) at 19th as opposed to its 25th spot on Coinmarketcap. Lisk (LSK) also has one of the highest development activities and has received a score of 87% from Coin Gecko. This is higher than Cardano (86%) and TRON (84%). It goes on to show that the project is up and running and working on getting its platform ready for Dapp development regardless of current market cap and price action. The Lisk (LSK) community has also been more active on social media, especially after the rebranding.

Lisk Chart With Values

Lisk (LSK) looks poised for a big run up from every angle. It is one massively undervalued project with the potential to be a top 10 provider in the smart contracts space. The price is currently trading in a rising bullish channel against the US Dollar and is expected to reach the top of the channel by April 2019. Lisk (LSK) has also traded well against Bitcoin (BTC) and the price seems likely to complete an ABCD pattern in the months ahead, which could push the price to 1 million satoshis i.e. an equivalent of 0.01 Bitcoin (BTC). The projected price for Bitcoin (BTC) during that time is between $30,000 to $80,000 which puts the price of Lisk (LSK) between $300 and $800 by September 2018 and $1,000 + by April 2019.

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