Lightyears Token To Partnership With LoMoStar


LOMOSTAR is an Organize and well developed Team which has its own Exchange named Xstar many might already using their Digital Exchange Platform , Their wallet serve one of a kind feature, that not only serve as a wallet but enable its user to be more sociable within the APP itself integrated with Chat groups allow community members to get any form of updates sooner and easier while engaging with the development team.

LomoStar doesnt just stop there , They have their Digital Asset (LMC) which is already on big exchanges like Bittrex ,CoinExchange and Coinmaketcap . Go check it now .

Lightyears Token (LYS) Community

You are now able to send and receive using LOMOSTAR wallet that is available on both Android PlayStore and Apple APP Store Devices

How To Receive Or Participate In The Join Airdrop ?

The airdrop campaign which will create the red envelopes from time to time once the activity for LYS Token is ready . To get LYS Token click on the Envelopes to receive the Token , A random amount of the Token will be issue to you, By opening one envelope will consume a vitality point, so don’t aimlessly click other unofficial envelopes. After you click on the envelope it will automatically bring you to the right official Lightyears groups.

Take Note: Remember to do your KYC fill up (KYC-1 You Are Able Send And Pick Up The Red Envelopes; KYC-2 You Will Enable OTC Trading )

A Total Amount of 400,000 LYS Token will be Issue out to the Airdrop Community , It is yet the largest LYS Token Airdrop that ever distributed that Worth of Est. $400.000 Usd.

Below will be the image of how its gotta look like the Airdrop Envelopes



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