Lightyears Token to be on CryptalDash !!!


The CryptalDash Exchange is the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange. It

enables cross-market views and execution. You can trade within the Exchange or via

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Lightyears have been very interested to be listing its asset on CryptalDash Exchange as the fees are much lesser than on other exchange which give our user a better benefit over some other exchange .

By Listing LYS Token on CryptalDash will give the team ahead start before its ICO on September 2018 . Lightyears Token has been well welcome from different decentralized exchange over the world. The team aim to maximum Liquidity for its user’s . Lightyears Team build on the popular ethereum blockchain which its smart contract was  able to use to create many other functionally for future projects . Vote for LYS Token today :

Lightyears have Partner’s like Aircoins an AR argument mobile similar to Pokemon Go , Rumors said that the company recently got invested by JohnMcAfee himself which invested around est. few millions into Aircoins company it haven been officially announce yet still it looking very promising . Lightyears Team Knowing both future may turn-out very interesting and promising which will Commit as a  long-term partnership with Aircoins to serve both of its community in blockchain eco-system.

To view Lightyears Token whitepaper

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