IOTA [MIOTA]’s Trinity Wallet desktop beta update


On 10th August, IOTA, a notable public distribution ledger platform, announced all the progress the platform had made with the Trinity Wallet over the week.

IOTA’s official blog stated that the main focus for this week was preparing the desktop beta release of the Trinity Wallet. IOTA further added that preparations for getting the code signing were underway.

The platform further confirmed that major bugs that were discovered during the alpha testing phase have been dealt with and other small visual bugs are in the process of getting fixed. The team has made some tweaks to make the user onboarding flow simpler.

IOTA is also engaged in setting up a simplified Mac tray app in order for users to access their account balances and user history. The platform has also added ‘send and receive OS notifications’ so that users can wait for transactions to get confirmed without worrying about checking up on it every now and then.

Tasks before the final release of the Trinity Wallet’s desktop beta:

  • The Windows proof of work library needs to be finalized
  • Additional code documentation/cleanup for the open source repository
  • Finish the implementation of the SeedVault

A Redditor named rawpineapple commented:

“Great update! It really feels like the majority of work has been done, and that release is not that far away. The additional features show that the dev/test team are really starting to dig deep into the required functionality.”

Reddit user named DisconcertingBending said:

“Wow yeah. That’s more than I excepted to read. keep it up. Can’t wait for the beta.  I know it is ready for us.”

Btceacc, another Redditor added:

“Thanks – that’s what I call an update! It really gives a sense of what’s going on and the technical challenges.”

A Twitter user named, Felix_P9205, commented:

” When will the update finish? I been waiting and waiting for years now.”

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