IOTA foundation welcomes aboard Andrea Villa as the online community Liaison


The IOTA foundation had recently recruited Andrew Greve and Michael Niles. Andrew Greve has been appointed as the new online community Liaison. Michael Niles will be working as the new member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Digital Officer. Yesterday through IOTA blog page and Twitter they announced the accrual of another member to the foundation, Andrea Villa.

Andrea Villa is an entrepreneur and a computer hacker. He has experience as a cloud architecture, DevOps, and a renowned security consultant. The IOTA blog page has not specified a distinct role for him, but according to his profile, he’ll be taking care of security.

Andrea Villa says:

“I believe IOTA faces several security challenges in terms of protocol, implementation, operations, and infrastructure that require pro-active scrutiny and solving. The Tangle technology may very well constitute the future foundation of a large range of applications, being part of the effort to deliver a usable and secure IOTA to the general public is both challenging and exciting.”

IOTA [MIOTA] after experiencing a dip in the market last week has risen to a price of $1.88. At the time of writing the market capitalization has reached $5.6 billion. The token is ranked 9 on CoinMarketCap followed by Stellar [XLM] which has a net value worth of $6.8 billion.

The market has seen a fall by volume since one week as the price has dropped by 19%. From yesterday onwards the price has seen an increase of 5.8%. Today the crypto-market dropped, and so did IOTA [MIOTA] in the last one-hour marker the price has fallen again by 0.5%.

Pranav a crypto-analyst says:

“The market has seen a huge fall as the prices have been reflecting on the charts. The Stochastic RSI is depicting an incline but still is below the moving average band. The price for IOTA had fallen as I interpret that people have sold their coins.”

He further added that the market for IOTA will experience another dip before kicking a bullish trend.

A Redditor says:

“The whole Bitcoin, Ripple, and IOTA and other tokens are just a big bubble that will burst soon. The price keeps increasing and decreasing but the end value later will come to 0. This is a big scam; I used to invest myself but then recently lost a lot of money. Sucks”

Another Redditor says:

“Even I invest that does not mean I lose money all the time. As if you have not made mistakes before but on a long run if you HODL it will gain a lot. I’ve seen my friends buy sports car and buying houses.”

A Twitterati says:

“IOTA is the wonder coin. The future is in Iot and the it will follow the wonders along with it.”

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