Ethereum Classic [ETC] launches the Emerald Wallet v0.10.0 Candidate 4 version


On Monday 7th May 2018, ETCDEV team had released the Emerald Wallet v0.10.0 Candidate 4 version and its free and ready to download option from Github. With this update, they have fixed two major bugs like pending transactions which would not be stored in local storage anymore. With the update, remote endpoint bug has also been fixed.

ETCDEV team has declared that they have made the following improvements:

  • Address book functionality has been improved
  • There is a new UI design
  • UX features a new two-step transaction sending wizard
  • The Source code has been cleaned up
  • Removed and the unused smart contract functionality has been fixed
  • ‘FontAwesame’ icons have been replaced by Emerald Icons from emerald-js-ui package

ETCDEV Team is referred to as an independent team of software professionals, developers, and engineers who all work together on the core Ethereum Classic projects. The Emerald Wallet or the Ethereum Wallet is the new project the ETCDEV team has been developing.

Classic Geth is a main client for the Ethereum Classic [ETC] blockchain and they have contributed a lot to the original projects like the ‘Emerald Platform’ to help other users to develop on the ETC blockchain. The emerald wallet is now ready the for the end users. SputnikVM is a standalone, modular, embeddable implementation of an Ethereum Virtual Machine which is been maintained by the team at ETCDEV.

Ethereum Classic is the public blockchain-based distributed computing platform which is an open source cryptocurrency. Ethereum is featuring a smart contract functionality in its blockchain. ETC is a complete decentralized cryptocurrency which has been forked from Ethereum.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM] can work on scripts while using an international network of public nodes. Ethereum Classic also provides another value token called classic Ether. Classic Ether can be transferred between different traders. Ethereum Classic can be used a store of value in the cryptocurrency wallets such as the newly released Emerald wallet.

The team at ETCDEV has given out a tweet stating:

“No new coin being created. Store ETC in any ETC compatible wallet, but if you use a full node, make sure you’re using latest version to avoid problems with the network”

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