EOS’s first enterprise application – Zimbra X


On Tuesday 15th, May Buffalo of Synacor lnc. [SYNC] had made an announcement regarding the launch of Zimbra X, a new email and collaboration platform which would be the first enterprise application developed on EOSIO software protocol for decentralized applications [dApps].

Zimbra X, the new email-as-a-service version of Synacor’s old version of Zimbra email is all set to roll out to hundreds of thousands who are a part of the EOSIO community in the following months. From the beginning, Zimbra X was developed to be a container-based, cloud-native product which would have the potential to leverage according to the development of blockchain technology.

The main feature of the application was designed for reliability which enables to upgrade its components to provide new features for the application without any downtime. Zimbra X is perfectly compatible with regulated industries like healthcare and finance as it is very easy to customize.

Zimbra X is expected to be launched and made available on the EOSIO protocol in the coming months, as it is going to be the first enterprise application to integrate with their software architecture. The users have to verify their identification before they register their account.

Synacor Inc. is a technology and services firm based in Buffalo, New York which provides managed applications, email, authentication, advertising, OTT video services and portals. They are the parent company of Zimbra X.

Himesh Bhise, the CEO of Synacor Inc. says:

“We do believe Zimbra is in an ideal position to deliver a revolutionary email product by leveraging the blockchain technology at this time. The firm has put in considerable work in developing the Zimbra X architecture for it to be flexible for any cloud environment which would enable us to quickly develop and deploy it.”

Erynn Petersen, the Senior Vice President of Platform Products of Synacor Inc. says:

“Zimbra X’s scalable high performance would enable consumer products to make use of capabilities of blockchain technology. The application is running on EOSIO technology is a result of Extensive research into various blockchain solutions and we expect EOSIO to emerge as one of the leading blockchain operating systems.”

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