EOS Added to Komodo Barter DEX


The Komodo project was given the most points for innovation in a new Chinese study of blockchains, which rated the 28 top networks. The latest feat for the Komodo Barter DEX, which relies on atomic swaps, is to add the EOS digital asset.


For now, there is no detailed explanation how Barter DEX will handle the switch to the EOS mainnet, when the asset starts moving on a new blockchain. Also, the Barter DEX blockchain has done relatively few atomic swaps, around 240 in 24 hours – equivalent to a very low trading volume.

EOS, however, is appreciating again on traditional centralized exchanges. However, EOS remains the biggest loser among top 10 coins, sliding 27% net in the past seven days. EOS appreciated to $13.17, adding around 5% to its price. Despite the price slide from the $20 levels, EOS remains highly active, taking up around 8% of all crypto trades, incomparable to other recently added altcoins.

With less than 25 daily auctions left, EOS is at a stage where there are still skeptical opinions of the potential success. In the case of Ethereum, it took up to three years and the boom of hundreds of ICOs to send the price from a few dollars to nearly $1,300. For EOS, that time has not yet come.

It is still unknown which entities would secure the network and produce blocks. The EOS parent company, Block.One, is ready with the change by recently changing its President and CEO. Rob Jesudason, former CFO of Commonwealth Bank, will take up the position. It is unknown what role the leadership of Block.One would have on establishing the new EOS network.

For EOS, the last few weeks of auctions saw the daily amounts of Ethereum collected rise to a new level, often surpassing 50,000 ETH. The latest price drop, however, saw daily ETH collections go below 40,000 again, and as low as 34,000.

But even those amounts are phenomenal for the project, raising the question what would be done with the tokens, except sell for operating costs.

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