Cardano’s [ADA] wallet stands out with IOHK’s formal specifications!


Philipp Kant, IOHK’s director of formal methods, explained the release of a semi-formal specification of the wallet.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of IOHK had mentioned previously that they are trying to figure out the transition from research papers, laboratory experiments to actual machine-executable codes. This is a lengthy process but is very precise and has to be conducted with utmost care. IOHK is adopting formal methods for its development process to create software that is robust and completely reliable.

The formal method director hence explained how such research papers are transcribed and made executable and further refined with the formal specification. He spoke during a technical presentation on Cardano earlier this year. He has worked as a software developer using primarily Haskell for various projects.

He stated during his talk:

“In the blockchain industry, IOHK is pretty unique in applying formal methods something like it usually is done in aerospace, clinical or medical purpose, or in systems where there is high value or even harm to life at stake.”

He leads the group that works on formal methods into software development methodology. The idea of the group is to make sure that the results of the researchers who write to improve things about protocols at a very abstract level and in a language that is suitable for writing papers and conveying information between humans.

Cardano has been associated with Ethiopia, or Africa on the whole and during one of the blockchain meetup’s this statement about Cardano gained a lot of prominences:

“What differentiates blockchain from existing digital technologies is that it is trusted. It is not centralized. It is cheaper. No need for backup redundancy. It is resilient – Shem and John.”

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