Cardano [ADA] enters the visual graphics world to educate the society about Blockchain

IOHK did a first presentation on stake pools and incentives in Cardano and here is what they have got in line. Further updates will be out in their London meet scheduled tomorrow.

A creative studio based in the UK is a team of technologists and design engineer artists that cover a broad spectrum of different subjects working with bands and cultural institutions to make a range of pieces like web-based experiences, visualizations, and installations that have come up with this new project. The Symphony of Blockchains as they call it is an interactive, visual, and auditory exploration of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the Blockchain itself.

They have been working with IOHK as partners to explore cryptocurrencies through projects called Symphony of Blockchains – an audio-visual experience of cryptocurrency. They have developed a web-based experience that allows users to navigate through the history of blockchain and explore all different internal properties and some of those abstract data points that people aren’t familiar with.

The speaker from the project team stated:

“It has been a fascinating journey for us, we got to learn a lot about this underlying technology and sort of finding it a metaphor in which we can use this as a means for people to compare different cryptocurrencies.”

The underlying design process of this is to be able to represent properties of cryptocurrency and having the ability to compare something like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or IOTA. It allows the users to see these internet properties underlying and the team really wants to make it something like people has never seen before. They can also look for specific dates, find forks, and not things that have never been conveyed before about projects, ideas or forks.

The term Blockchain is extensively used in everyday language but with very little understanding of the actual technology and its implementation for the future. This project aims to explain both Blockchain technology along with individual transaction detail and finally the health within a cryptocurrency.

Conspiracy Boy, a YouTuber says:

“Interesting, your team are so cool and imaginative, the best I have ever come across in the crypto world, just don’t partnership with the opposition and give out your tech.”

Blockchain Gael, a viewer commented:

“Nice metaphysical talk of communion with blockchains … And visualisation of concept. I enjoyed this R&D. Trugarez.”

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