Cardano [ADA] approaching Mainnet, talks about Daedalus App, Wallet and more


On 11th August, the official Twitter handle of the Cardano Foundation released its weekly technical report for the project. The document included updates on the Daedalus Wallet, its backend, research, and design to decentralize Cardano, Goguen, among other subjects.

Cardano's tweet | Source: Twitter

Cardano’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Cardano decentralization

The Cardano team has revised its delegation design document several times in order to facilitate a reward system. By the end of the week, the last revision is expected to reach completion and sent for further review.

Partial field accessors are planned to be removed by the team as it wants to wind up the work. Cardano will also include golden testing as per the requirement. The team has reportedly stated that it will finish refactoring by the end of August.


Goguen uses two languages, Plutus and Marlowe, wherein Plutus is for the purpose of writing smart contracts and Marlowe is written to facilitate financial transactions. More resources are about to be included by the team for better progress of the project.

Post the IELE Testnet, the first week of the team went by in the production process. Factors such as marketing and communications via events and promotions are also being looked at.


Application: The construction of proof of concept by the team has been in progress. Moreover, the main focus has been on the persistence of the application and platform as a whole. In the blog, it read:

“The team fleshed out new service permission flow for allowing and revoking access to certain services for the applications.”

Wallet: As a result of the V0 Cardano API being depreciated, the team has been working to integrate the V1 Cardano wallet API into Daedalus to facilitate the change. There is an issue regarding the report wherein the team will require to submit details about the Testnet version of Daedalus. This is being done at the onset of the upcoming Byron Testnet.


In the backend, the endpoints related to the wallet are being implemented by the team to achieve the desired specifications of the exchanges.

The team also discovered that the support for updates for V1 of the API is directly connected to the restoration work on the wallet. Hence, the team has been making efforts to join the two tasks by writing a code for the same.

The team is also focusing on a code that will provide support for tracking history and answering queries. Here, the Cardano Foundation wrote:

“In particular, the developers dove into SQLite optimisation needed for his task. The developers also rewrote some of the queries and DB indexes.”

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