BiteBTC Exchange Reaching out to the Cryptocurrency world



Blockchain Technology is becoming the future as we know it, Where even financial institutions is slowly integrating blockchain technology, How and where you can trade or purchase your digital token or coin ? An Exchange platform lets any of its user to exchange their digital asset Token/Coin to any digital asset they desire . Finding a exchange that offered user secured system and comes with a good volume while at the same time easy to navigate around is hard nowadays.




Introducing BiteBTC a Exchange base in a financial hub Singapore , A well known for its Law and Free trade/Investment country. Offers many jaw dropping features which others did not. Right now BiteBTC is reaching out to the community of crypto world providing support to any Promising blockchain startup project and Giving back to its community by throwing FREE !! Airdrop campaigns



A great news has fall upon all developers and projects with their promising product, BiteBTC Exchange is offering to all the possibility of free coin listing in BiteBTC by following closely to the following Token/Coin Listing Terms/Conditions rules.

How to list your Token/coin on BiteBTC ~Check this out
Information is on this given Link:

Developers and their team can make use of their community and ask them follow the simple rules if they wish their favorite Token/coin to be listed on BiteBTC Exchange. For more information please visit

BiteBTC is fully cooperative with KYC policies, so you can rest assured that your data and personal information is safe in their hands. For those who don’t know what a KYC policy is, it is a method for a company to know their customers as well as verify their identity in order to prevent issues such as fraud.





As for the crypto Community out there BiteBTC is constantly taking good care of its community by Dropping Airdrop campaigns in their Twitter page , All airdrop campaigns can easily followed even if you are a first timer , Their aim to ensure everyone has the chance to obtain the FREE airdrop of Tokens/Coins its a way of giving back to their supporting community .


Just follow BiteBTC for more infomations for each AIRDROP campaigns
Here is the Link :

WhyBiteBTC Exchange ?

-Low trading Fees
-Powerful interface for users
-User friendly Platform
-Direct customer ticket service within the site itself
-Easy to manage and navigate for new users
-Offers mutiple payment methods unlike other exchanges
-Their very own API for price tracking
-Maximum security
-Fast in transaction speed
-Doesnt involve in manipulating the market or prices
-fully cooperative with KYC policies



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