Bitcoin : Price Analysis, March 21


The G20 considers cryptocurrencies risky, said the head of Italy’s central bank, but the broad consensus is that they should not be banned. After days of negative news, this is a positive shift for the cryptomarket. Led by Bitcoin, most cryptocurrencies are trying to pull back from their recent lows.

The plunge in cryptocurrencies from their December highs had scared off new wannabe cryptocurrency investors. Once the tide turns, we may see fresh money trickle back into the markets.

A recent survey by shows that only 8 percent of the Americans own cryptocurrencies and another 8 percent plan to buy it in the future. With about 92 percent of the population still untapped, the markets have a long way to go. There is still enough skepticism and fear due to the huge volatile moves in the digital currencies. However, if traders plan properly, the risks are way less than made out to be.

Let’s watch the setups that are developing on the top coins.


Bitcoin broke out of the descending channel on March 20, which is a bullish sign. It had broken out once earlier on March 02, but it could not sustain the higher levels. Within six days, the price was back inside the channel. Will the same thing repeat again?


Just above the resistance line of the descending channel are resistances from the 20-day EMA and the 50-day SMA. We expect the bears to strongly defend this zone because once the price breaks out of this, the BTC/USD pair will rally to $12,172.

The next dip towards the $8,800 levels should offer the traders a good entry opportunity. They should purchase 50 percent of the desired allocation around $8,800 with a stop loss of $7,600. The remainder of the position can be added once the cryptocurrency is clear of both moving averages.

The target objective on the upside is a rally to $12,000.

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