Bitcoin Cash [BCH] & EOS to be the top 15 double digit gainers of the week


As observed, BCH and EOS are the only double-digit gainers of the week in the top 15 coins on CoinMarketCap. Both the coins have faced a lot of criticism in their earlier stages. Now, post the growth and development they’re slowly making their way from top 15 to top 3.

Lately, Roger Ver the Founder of Bitcoin Cash has been propagating his coin in the market. He recently tweeted:

“Everything has scaled exponentially except for BTC. This is why I support BCH.”

Enter Keyport, encrypted messaging app users now connect to the Bitcoin Cash network, so their messages cannot be censored by a third party. Bitcoin Cash Fund is a community-driven project which is dedicated to pushing the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. It announced that it has started a new website which is the “home of all things Bitcoin Cash”.

These events lead to better adoption of Bitcoin Cash in the past week which aced its growth and eventually its popularity.

Same way, EOS, lately has gained attention ever since it shot two shots at once. EOS launched their EOSIO developer portal as well as updated their EOSIO programming to 1.0 version. EOS, then, had a collaboration held with SVK crypto which was worth $50 million capital.

Huobi, a well-known trading platform listed EOS trading pairs a few days ago. It is speculated that these events have played a major role in keeping EOS on the green track.

On, 2nd June BCH was traded at $1003.33 and since then it kept moving upwards. The coin did not experience a fall in the past 7 days and refused to sink. While, EOS started its week with $12.29, it kept ascending higher. EOS, on 4th June, reached $14.60 after which it saw a minor fall to $13.58. Irrespective of the fall, EOS picked the pace up and is raising its digits.

At the time of writing, BCH has a trading price of $1111.30 with a market cap of $19 billion and a green index for the week of 12.14%. Similarly, currently, EOS has a trading price of $13.95 with a market cap of $12.5 billion and a green index of 14.89% over the week.

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