Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Community Shaken by Roger Ver’s Support for Craig Wright


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is moving closer to a rift as the community remains split over the inclusion of Craig Wright in the coin’s future vision. Wright, known for claiming to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, is advocating a more conservative development for BCH. Rumors have now surfaced that Roger Ver, the most prominent thought leader in the Bitcoin Cash community, would side with Wright.

But the Bitcoin Cash community does not see the split as that serious. So far, the disparity of opinions between Wright and Bitcoin ABC, the chief development team behind Bitcoin Cash, has been seen as a relatively minor issue. The development and decisions about the Bitcoin Cash network are still firmly in the hands of Bitcoin ABC, while Wright is vocal in expressing opinions and presenting different solutions.

The chief concern of the Bitcoin Cash network is scaling. The reason is that BCH launched at a time when Bitcoin had extremely high transaction costs and network overload. However, scaling solutions are meant for the future as real-world usage of BCH remains relatively low.

Now, another proposition for scaling has been made, this one involving sharding to compute blocks faster in a form of parallel processing. The solution was suggested by Bitcoin ABC member Shammah Chancellor.

Despite the larger blocks and upcoming scaling for speed, BCH transactions are about 10% of the Bitcoin network load, with around 24,000 transactions in 24 hours, based on Blocktivity data. At the same time, DogeCoin once again trumps BCH with 37,000 transactions in 24 hours.

It is still uncertain if the Bitcoin Cash network would split and have a new asset created and led by Wright. The advantage of support from Bitmain is a significant factor for BCH, and in the case of a Craig Wright fork, the crypto community may see the new coin as a low-quality asset, padded with the claim that it was, in fact, the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The news of a potential network split has hardly affected BCH, which moves with the rest of the market. BCH traded at $547.26 as of 08:20 UTC, posting a slight increase in the past 24 hours.


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