3 Altcoins to Pay Attention to in 2018


If you’re new to cryptocurrency, the whole thing is probably making you a little dizzy. There are so many coins, and the volatility can be quite brutal. While there are certainly a lot of pitfalls in the crypto scene, there are also many great projects waiting for investors to find them. Choosing safe investments requires a good deal of research and taking the time to understand the technology which you are investing in is important.

As always, it’s important to do your own research. The internet offers a wide array of resources to research these projects, and you should make use of them all. It’s typically best to start at an asset’s website and social media accounts, and then go from there.

In this article we’ll be going over a few interesting projects that have great potential in 2018. If you’re afraid that it’s too late for you to invest in cryptocurrency, don’t worry. These trains haven’t left without you yet.


While this may seem a strange choice considering that Ethereum is already the number two coin by market cap, the fact is that it still has a lot of room to grow. Ethereum commands attention in a world full of empty promises and hollow ICO projects. They have a stellar following, and there are already many tokens and projects utilizing their platform.

The one shortfall of this project of course has been there ability to scale. However, they are hot on the heels of a solution with plasma and sharding. Once those updates are released the Ethereum network will be free to grow beyond what it was previously capable, and it’s very likely that with the massive head start it already has that it will leave alternative solutions in the dust.

The price of this asset has not yet recovered from its all time high, and it’s a good time to scoop some up for a decent profit later. No matter how many competing platforms step into the ring, you can be sure that Ethereum is not going anywhere.


If we take a look at our EOS analysis we can see that the social media and google trends are exploding for this asset. EOS has been mentioned almost everywhere, and the excitement surrounding this blockchain project is astounding. While they have not actually completed their project, many are hopeful, and for good reason.

The founder of this project already has another successful blockchain platform under his belt, Steemit. This social media platform is kind of a proof of concept for EOS, as it is built more or less on the same idea. It’s the hope of the EOS team that they will be able to help build more projects like their own blogging platform by utilizing the EOS infrastructure.

As a direct competitor to Ethereum, their proposed solution will use delegated proof of stake to create near endless scalability, and the reduced electricity costs of this method will also make it cheaper and more ecologically friendly to secure the network. This is one of the few coins which has already surpassed its previous high, but there’s still time to get in.


As the most affordable option on the list, an investor without much capital can still pick up Cardano. Like competing projects EOS and Ethereum, this one is also a tool for others to use to build their own project. However, this particular asset will bring more robust features to blockchain distribution.

They’ve also just signed an agreement with the Ethiopian government to explore using the blockchain to benefit their agriculture industry. These types of innovation could make them a powerful force in the world of cryptocurrency, and help to show the world exactly what this new technology is capable of.

They also rely on a proof of stake algorithm, which not only makes it more cost and energy efficient, but it can also help to more evenly distribute miners and nodes. An approach such as this empowers those who may be less economically advantaged to help secure the network and to aid in the decentralization process. This chain has a lot of exciting features and partnerships coming to light, and it’s worth checking them out.

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