100,000 TRX Giveaway by CoinCodex in Collaboration with Tron Foundation


CoinCodex has announced a giveaway of 100k TRX in collaboration with Tron Foundation while Tron founder and CEO working on further taking its “fantastic story” forward.

100k TRX up for Grabs

TRX giveaways are nothing new as previously Binance among many other firms have announced Tron competitions and giveaways.

Now, CoinCodex, a platform that provides information on various cryptocurrencies’ prices, market cap and subsequent charts have teamed up with Tron Foundation to giveaway a total of 100k TRX.

The official announcement reads, “We’re giving away 100,000 TRX tokens in collaboration with Tron.” It further shares on twitter:

The giveaway period for 100,000 TRX is 2018/11/02 15:00 to 2018/11/12 15:00 (UTC). The number of winners chosen will be five that are determined by a random draw. There are still 9 days left in the competition and about 18,703 entries have been already made.

Hard at Work

Recently, in an interview, Tron founder and CEO, Justin Sun shared that Tron is much more than just a hype:

“FUD and Shill are commonly used to change the perception investors have around cryptocurrencies to influence the price. Unlike some projects, TRON reached all its milestones (test net, main net, an election of the witness nodes, virtual machine launch) without any significant snag. I believe that’s a great example that TRON is not only hype like some people say.”

He further added on blockchain taking more than a decade “before you can experience it,”

“Our team is working 24/7 to make that happen in much less. I founded the company in September 2017; today we are about 300 people. This is just the beginning of a fantastic story.”

In response to this only, Tron is already working on the Asian market especially Japan and South Korea. Tron Foundation has released a video series to promote Tron to these markets while its official announcement reads,

“The fourth episode of the introduction video series for the Japanese community was released. The series aims to introduce TRON to the Japanese community in detail through interviews between the TRON mascot and the host, showing the development of TRON to the community members in a vivid way.”

At the time of writing, at 11th position, Tron is trading at $0.0227 while being up by 0.86 percent.

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